Grant Application Kits

Grant Applications


  • HMEP grants are available for LEPC's meeting the SERC Annual Policies and Procedures for planning and/or training activities
  • HMEP mid-cycle grants are available throughout the year, please contact the SERC office
  • SERC grants are available in January for planning, training and/or equipment
  • UWS grants are available in April for planning, training, equipment and/or supplies for preparedness to combat terrorism


FireShowsWest Participation Sub-grant Applications

LEPC and State Agencies that have met the annual EPCRA and SERC requirements may apply for financial assistance for attendance at the 2017 FireShowsWest™ in Reno, Nevada using the 2018 FireShowsWest Application. Additional information on the 2017 FireShowsWest will be provided as we receive it.