The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has established standing committees and may establish other committees to provide technical assistance as needed. The chair of each Committee is a member of the SERC, appointed by the co-chairs. Membership of the Committee is appointed by the chair of the Committee, with approval of the SERC co-chairs.

    Standing Committee Members

    Funding Commitee

    The Funding Committee reviews all grant applications, progress on project expenditures, and make recommendations to the SERC for expenditure of grant funds. The Committee will also provide oversight to the Planning and Training Subcommittee.

      Planning and Training Sub-Committee

      The Planning and Training Subcommittee reviews the Local Emergency Planning Committees's hazardous materials response plans and makes recommendations for revisions with respect to the plans compliance with applicable laws, regulations and procedures. The Subcommittee ensures grant requests are appropriate to the levels of training and levels of response.

        Legislative Committee

        The Legislative Committee tracks and proposes regulation changes and/or laws relative to the Commission's oversight responsibilities.

          Bylaws Committee

          The Bylaws Committee maintains and interprets the Commission's bylaws. The Committee will also review the LEPC bylaws and membership lists to ensure compliance with Federal and state laws and regulations.

            Policy Committee

            The Policy Committee develops, reviews, and recommends policies as needed and/or to satisfy audit findings. The Committee will also recommend policies for migration to statutes and/or other regulations.

              Radiological Commitee

              Radiological Committee: The Committee will support State, Tribal, County and City jurisdictions and agencies for both preventative and response to radiological planning, exercises, training, and equipment: while utilizing the State of Nevada Preventative Radiological and Nuclear Detection Concept of Operations (ConOps) and State of Nevada Radiological and Nuclear Detection Sustainment Plan.