Report A Spill

Hazardous Materials Spill or Release Notifications

All significant releases or threatened releases of a hazardous material, including Oil and Radioactive materials. All require emergency notification to government agencies. Notification shall be made by Telephone and must be completed immediately.

First Call: 9-1-1 (or your local emergency response agencies)

Secondly: National Response Center: 1-800-424-8802

Third: Nevada Department of Environmental Protection 1-888-331-6337

NEXT call the Nevada State Emergency Response Commission at: 775-684-7511


Also you need to contact your county LEPC and the local fire department if you haven’t already.


EPCRA Requires that written follow up emergency notification be completed as soon as practicable possible thereafter as soon as more information is available. Including but not limited to the status and the corrective actions taken as a result of the spill.

If a Radioactive materials are involved CALL: 1-877-438-7231

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