2018 Emergency Response Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Nevada State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) holds quarterly meetings.

Committee Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend any meeting.

Meeting agendas, minutes, and/or attachments can be obtained by clicking on the link, when available, or by contacting the SERC administrative office.

Agendas are posted and available not later than the 3rd working day prior to the scheduled meetings. The Commission is pleased to make reasonable accommodations for any member of the public who has a disability and wishes to attend a meeting. If special arrangements for a meeting are necessary, please contact the SERC administrative offices as far in advance as possible.

Agendas and minutes are available by request for Previous years by Request through out State Information Request portal. 

2018 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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2018 Emergency Response Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes
SERC Quarterly Commission Meeting
originate - 2500 E 2nd Street - Reno
phone - 2500 E 2nd Street - Reno
SERC Quarterly AgendaPrevious Meeting Minutes June Funding Committee AmmendedSERC Commission Meeting July  AmmendedAugust Funding Committee Meeting 2018SERC BrochureCommodity Flow Presentation #1Commodity Flow Presenation #2
SERC Funding Committee Meeting
phoneRoom 51 - 107 Jacobsen Way - Carson City
8/23/2018 Agenda FundingFunding Minutes previous meetingFunding Committee August 2018SERC Brouchure
SERC Funding Committee Meeting
phoneRoom 51 - 107 Jacobsen Way - Carson City
6/18/2018 Funding Committee AgendaFunding Committee Minutes June 20183 12 18 Meeting Minutes
SERC Quarterly Commission Meeting
09:00 AM
originateClassroom C - 107 Jacobsen way - Carson city
7/19/2018 AgendaApril Meeting Minutes 20187/19/2018 Meeting Minutes
SERC Policy and Legislative Committees Meeting
09:00 am
5/17/2018 Policy Committee Meeting AgendaJan 2017 Policy Minutes
SERC Planning and Training Committee Meeting
09:00 AM
originateSuite 135 - 1755 East Plumb Lane, - Reno
phoneSuite 135 - 1755 East Plumb Lane, - Reno
Planning &Training AgendaJan 11 2017 Minutes
SERC Quarterly Commission Meeting
10:00 AM
video302 - 1263 S. Stewart - Carson city
videobuilding A conference room - 123 E Washington Avenue - Las Vegas
video - 1951 Idaho Street - Elko
4/12/2018 SERC QUARTERLY AGENDANovember 2017 SERC Minutes4/12/2018 SERC Quarterly Minutes
SERC Funding Committee Meeting
10:00 AM
phoneRoom 51 - 107 Jacobsen Way - Carson city
3/12/2018 Funding Committee  agenda 3/12/2018 Meeting MInutes