Policies and Forms

Policies and Forms
Policies Forms
Appendix A / Policy 8.1  
Hazmat Response Plan / Exercise ---------------------- NRT - 1A Checklist
  Exercise Reporting Form
  Level of Response Form (LEPC)
  Level of Response Form (State)
  Items due to SERC by January 31st
Appendix B / Policy 8.2  
Grant Application / Awards ----------------------------- HMEP Grant Activity Request Form
Appendix C / Policy 8.2a  
License Plant Grant Application / Awards  
Appendix D / Policy 8.3  
Certified Assurances / Compliance Certification ----  Certified Assurances (LEPC)
   Certified Assurances (State)
  Compliance Certification (LEPC)
  Compliance Certification (State)
  EPCRA Publication (sample)
Appendix E / Policy 8.4  
Grant Project File / Numbering  
Appendix F / Policy 8.5  
Funding of Grants ---------------------------------------- Financial Report (LEPC)
  Financial Report (State)
  Financial Report (instructions)
  SERC Breakdown of Expenditures
  Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim
  Per Diem Rates
Appendix G / Policy 8.6  
Reporting -------------------------------------------------- HMEP Grant Accomplishments
Appendix H / Policy 8.7  
Grant Change Request ----------------------------------- Grant Change Request Form
  Grant Change Request (instructions)
Appendix I / Policy 8.8  
Sub-Recipient Monitoring / Financial Audits  
Appendix J / Policy 8.9  
LEPC Submission of Bylaws / Membership List ---- Membership List Form (LEPC)
  Bylaws (sample)
Appendix K / Policy 8.12  
Appeal Process  
Appendix L / Policy 8.13  
Requirement of Original Signatures in Faxes/Emails  
Appendix M / Policy 8.14  
SERC / LEPC Release of EPCRA Information ------ Hazmat Repository Information Request
Appendix N / Policy 8.16  
HMEP Overtime / Backfill Requirements -----